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Money Management is the key to Grow More Money

Making money could be still easy than managing it. According to Wikipedia, Money management is the process of expense tracking, investing, budgeting, banking and evaluating taxes of ones money which is also called investment management. Money management is a strategic technique to make yield the highest interest-output value for any amount spent.

While spending money is losing money but time is changing now to think like - "The more you spend, more you grow". How can you multiply your money even you are spending and withdrawing. How this is possible?

Money Management is the key to Grow More Money

Here are some financial products that are so flexible that even you are withdrawing some money from your Saving Deposit, you will see your money has multiplied at the end of tenure.

Tasthana is a revolutionary Saving Deposit financial product that overcomes some of the inherent flaws of current bank deposit systems.

  •   The principle deposit amount can be increased or decreased by the bank customer.
  •   The bank deposit tenure time can be modified.
  •   The payoff amount can be deposited amongst multiple accounts.
  •   Any amount can be withdrawn by the customer in middle of the tenure.

Its name "Tasthana" is a Sanskrit word meaning, “AS Flexible As The Stalk of A Lotus”. You cann't even imagine how Flexible this product is:

  •   Converting a Deposit Account to Recurring and vice-versa
  •   Withdrawal from Recurring Deposit.
  •   Combining Auto Debit Sweep Accounts. This is a huge help in reconciliation of accounts.
  •   Annuity Products with Gestation Period, with multiple beneficiaries and varying amounts credited.
  •   Consortium of Depositors (3 and more).
  •   Corpus amount at the end of tenure.
  •   Calculation of Interest and TDS automatically each month/quarter.
  •   Generation of Reports.

Tasthana give you real modern Saving Deposit product that let you enjoy your FREEDOM OF WITHDRAWAL.

For more detail, please visit Tasthana - Fully Flexible Bank Deposits