Our Journey


First Steps

Product Solution to Help

It all started when we went to give a demo to a leading bank in India for a banking product. The senior bankers asked us if we had some product or solution to help them in their Supply Chain Finance and to manage it better. Better is meant by having all the components in one place as currently they were doing it scattered across various products and excel sheets.


Beyond the classical confines of

Supply Chain Finance

What we found was that Supply Chain Finance was rather well defined in books and very traditional way or classical way of financing using tools such as Forfaiting and Factoring. The requirement was beyond it where traditional meets modern, or to put it plainly – Innovation. A product was required which not only was traditional in values but also modern in its outlook. A product that went way beyond the classical confines of Supply Chain Finance.

swami vivekananda, Supply Chain Finance, annona

This spawned our journey and we started operations on 12th January 2015, which was incidentally birth date of Swami Vivekananda, one of India’s greatest Spiritual Leaders’. We were officially born on 5th February 2015 when we received the Company Registration Number from ROC.

We did not stop there but went ahead and added two more products – Tasthana for Bank Deposits and Advocate's Assistant. We are not resting there and we have planned more products which we will be adding as we go along.

Our journey was not easy as we embarked on a new path which we had to blaze ourselves. There were a lot of challenges, lots of uncertainties coupled with chaos and teething problems. But we overcame every challenge. Today thorns do bother us and hurdles do not stop us, rather spurs us to attain more heights.

Our product is developed and tested and now it is being implemented. Of course we will be sharing with you our success stories shortly.