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Advocate's Assistant

product tailored for Lawyers

We proudly introduce Advocate’s Assistant (Lawyer’s software) – another product from the house of Annona catering to the legal community.

The software uniquely maps end to end processes for advocates/lawyers along with forms, templates and references. The user can add and monitor all his client records. He can add the case details and update them accordingly. The system provides alerts and pre/post reminders for upcoming hearing dates. Case records are dynamically generated by the system and can be viewed by the user anytime. In addition, the user can add and upload documents related to the case, add witness details and references details as well.

Our system allows the user to import/export multiple new records in excel format provided he has downloaded the excel format beforehand from the system.

The primary user also has the ability to add assistant accounts. Our system provides a unique feature by which the primary user can restrict assistant account access. Restriction can be based on case and menu access.

Lawyer can create a client portal where the client can view his case particulars, updates and payment details.

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