Test Your Skill

Super Sana

New Gaming Software

Play 6 games simultaneously, 7 times a day for 365 days.

Game of Skill

Super Sana is a simple game which can be played by the masses. IT IS FREE AND DOES NOT REQUIRE ANYONE TO PLAY WITH MONEY. Here 6 games with 3 options can be played simultaneously by anyone. This game can be played 7 times a day for 365 days. It is to be played online and it is a GAME OF SKILL.

It does not need any license and can be played anywhere in the world.

Our system allows the user to import/export multiple new records in excel format provided he has downloaded the excel format beforehand from the system.

Players need to register themselves first and then play. There are prizes and gifts to winners. The minimum amount needed to play is 20 Coins and the maximum can be any amount. There are multiple game slots and draws. The winning amount is factored to go to maximum players. It has client history, dashboard and reports.

There are 7 game slots with 2 hour per slot. It starts from 10 am and ends at 12 pm (Indian Standard Time). It has an active limit management showing coins given, coins won and coins balance. The taxes are taken at 18% and it is configurable.

It is a Game of Skill with Copyrighted Mathematical Methodology.

The most played number will be the winning number and the break-up of the Pay-outs are given as follows:

Winning Amount 60%
Royalties 21%
Taxes 18%
CSR 1%
Total 100%