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My Money is Your Money

When you are building your love relationship, the world is brighter and beautiful. My money is Your money. Money is more about trust in the relationship. You don't worry about money your partner is spending. It is his or her money too. It may lasts for a while when you are into committed relationship or marriage happens and money management become more important.

My Money is Your Money

Saving money would be easy when both partners are earning and spending together. According to experts, husband and wife must have joint bank account for common home expenses and separate accounts for individual expenses. Even you are great at calculations but total money always seems to be less than the expenses.

Nowadays, relationships can be well maintained if the money is managed well between two of you. In case one partner is not earning but managing household could be stress in the relationship in the modern world. Expenses are increasing day by day, saving deposits must do wonder to GROW YOUR MONEY. Whenever you think about Fixed Deposit, there is always worry that “IF I WOULD NEED IT” because there is always Lock-In Period attached to it.

There are new revolutionary Saving Deposits that work like FD but you can still see your money growing and flexibility of withdraw any amount anytime. You will still get INTEREST with this new product.

Tasthana is developed by Annona, A Dynamic Company Dedicated To The Banking Industry. It is much more than an innovative deposit product. Tasthana overcomes some of the inherent flaws of current bank deposit systems.

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